Cheryl C Johnson

Captured Moments in Watercolor

Thank you so much for stopping in to visit my website! It’s an honor to have you here.

You know that moment when you are so captured by a scene, a look, a place, that you want to turn to someone next to you and say, “Look at that!” Awesome, or even simple things, mean more when shared with another person. That’s why I paint—to share with you these special moments that first took my breath away.

A face full of character, a fishing boat ghosting through morning fog, a sun-dappled street, a peachy sunset bouncing off busy surf, misty wisps rising off a quiet river—these all provide moments of inspiration that move me to paint, to share. My paintings are a way of saying “Oh my! You’ve got to see this!” — hoping you can share the same delight that I did at that moment.

I hope you enjoy these Captured Moments in Watercolor with me!


Cheryl C Johnson, Self Portrait in watercolor - cropped

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